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- MIC  Building Services has only in the last few years become our new company name and all the following ethics from our previous sole trading name of Steve’s Property Maintenance remain in force.
- Clients are always right.
- All of our jobs are concentrated within close proximity of each others, therefore providing quick service to our clients if we are needed to attend on site ASAP (refer to our territory map).
- We pride ourselves on using licensed qualified trades people rather than profiting from having one chief and many Indians. As the motto goes "pay peanuts, you get monkeys".
- Training for all our employees and subcontractors has always started with how to be courteous to the client number 1 and then, the on-site work.
- We always measure our success not by the amount of monetary value of a job, but by the praise given by our clients and the smiles on their faces on completion. If we continue to think this way then hopefully the monetary value will always be automatic.
- If we have been unsuccessful in winning a job with our quote, we do wonder why and by how much we may have been out by. If we are out by a lot, it is never intentional. Sometimes we all make mistakes.
- We do urge all our prospective clients when choosing a builder to always check builders license by logging onto OCBA (office of consumer and business affairs) web site.
- For smaller jobs under $10,000.00 or so, we never ask for money upfront. It is always payment on completion and clients satisfaction. For bigger jobs, we complete a section of work and receive progress payments regularly. This way we feel that you, the client, will always feel comfortable that you are paying for work that has been completed to your satisfaction.


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