Kitchens in Adelaide can be manufactured by a high quality joiner or perhaps a “flat pac” bought from a leading retailer, in which you (or your selected contractor) can install. MIC Building Services can organize both the above options and coordinate all the surrounding trades as well. MIC Building Services have plumbers. Electricians, stone suppliers and carpenters to finish the project. MIC Building Services in Adelaide is proud of its record in delivering quality to suite your budget.

MIC Building Services in Adelaide specialize in bathroom renovations. MIC Building Services bathroom renovations are well planned and executed to minimize the fuss to our clients. MIC have access to all the leading brands of finishes to allow our clients to go shopping for all their fixtures and fittings from a one-stop shop. Renovating your bathroom has never been made easier.



MIC Building Services carpenters are our direct bloodline here in Adelaide. The core of our employees are carpenters. They range from your small 2nd fix carpentry jobs, like hanging a door or installing architraves. Our 1st fix carpenters can build all new wall framing, right through to the intricate work of remodeling a roof structure. Whatever your needs, we at MIC Building Services can guide you in the direction you want.

MIC Building Services only uses the best tillers in Adelaide. There are tillers and then there are tillers. MIC Building Services tillers are the core of our bathroom renovations here in Adelaide. From the screeding of the floor to floor traps, the waterproofing, right through to the tile setouts and grout finishes, we at MIC Building Services pride ourselves on the finished tiled product. We have accounts with many suppliers of fine tiles for our client to shop from. These suppliers also specialise in all bathroom wares.


Solid Plaster.

Adelaide is renowned for its poor soils which contribute to cracking to most of the homes. MIC Building Services has for many years guided our clients on the most up to date feedback (that we receive from our engineers we use), on the best way to tackle fixing the cracking in their house and what could be the cause of the cracking. MIC Building Services plasterers are highly qualified tradespeople that can fix your wall cracking. Our plasterers also specialise in all forms of texture coatings to suit that modern-day rendered look.

MIC Building Services only use painters that are members of the Master Painters Association. MIC Building Services only use premium quality paints from reputable companies like Dulux and Solver. Anyone can lift a paintbrush and paint a timber or wall, but it is experience and a genuine pride in our work that ensures MIC Building Services get the job done right.


Roofing & Guttering.

MIC Building Services uses highly qualified tradespeople to put a roof over your head here in Adelaide. All our roofing materials are of quality grade colourbond, zincalume or galvanised coatings, with our roof tillers capping of your tiled roofs. All gutters and roofing that MIC Building Services install are made from Australian steel which is of a higher grade.

Adelaide bricklayers were very often looked upon as the best in the country. A lot of the older European bricklayers settled in Adelaide, bringing with them those valuable skills of bricklaying. We here at MIC Building Services still use those dying breed of specialist bricklayers, and all of our younger employees hold a high level of skill and workmanship to follow in their footsteps.

Brickwork / Bricklaying.

Floor Polishing.

Our floor polishing team can turn that tiered dull timber floor to a beautiful classy surface that you could eat off. Whether it is a gloss or satin finish,  MIC Building Services here in Adelaide can make it come true. Adelaide has many old beautiful character homes with some great Baltic or jarrah floors. Whatever it may be, your antique floors deserve the best rejuvenation.

Openings in walls are one of our specialties. Many of the older style homes may seem to lack the natural light that we sometimes desire. Or perhaps you just want to turn 2 smaller rooms into 1 big room. MIC Building Services can make it happen for you. MIC Building Services can also organise an engineers report if required.
From cutting the walls to installing load-bearing beams, to rendering the finish wall surface, here at MIC Building Services we can do the lot.

Cut Openings in Walls.