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Split in Copper Pipe

Common Cause of Shower Leaks for South Australian homes:

Often brick veneer homes are troubled with leaking pipes. One of the most common causes of leaking pipes  as a of cheaply manufactured breaching sets.
Shower leaks are most likely to only leak while you are having a shower and often go undedicated for days, months and even years. If left unattended these leaks can cause mould, rot parts of your wall, damage paint and cause damage to your carpet and skirting boards.
The main cause of the shower leak is what is referred to as a broken or split breaching set.
Where most insurance companies wont pay for the plumber fixing the pipe itself. The good news is that in a lot of cases insurance companies will pay for any damage caused in locating the leak and also any relevant damage around the walls  / area surrounding the leak.
If you have a leak near your shower, then contact MIC Building  who will help identify and fix your leak before it causes more damage.




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